Q: What is the CREN?
A: The Caribbean Research Empowerment Network (CREN) is a social, collaborative and networking website and is the first of its kind in the Caribbean region. This interactive website acts as a forum for educators and family and child development practitioners to voice their experiences and formulate solutions to existing challenges in their field.

Q: What is the UWI-FDC?
A: The University of the West Indies-Family Development Centre was established in November 2013 as a research and development centre. Its primary aim is to improve current data on family and child development in the region using innovative approaches and multi-disciplinary research methodologies.

Q: Can any individual access the website and participate in the discussions?
A: Yes, the website is available to the general public. However, only registered guests can log in to access the blogs and message boards and other content about advocacy available on the website. To become a registered member, please click here.

Q: What is the cost of registering on the CREN website?
A: Registration is currently free.