Language rights for the deaf community in Trinidad and Tobago

by Kristian Ali, CREN Guest Contributor

Every year, the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) hosts its annual International Week of the Deaf, a short but packed week of events all over the world aimed at raising awareness of the languages, cultures and rights of deaf people in their respective countries. The WFD picks a theme that represents an aspect in the lives of deaf people that is crucial enough to be focused on for one week per year. This year’s theme advocates for “Full Inclusion with Sign Language”, while the pressing theme last year was “With Sign Language, I am Equal” — an echo of the theme from the year before, “With Sign Language Rights, Our Children Can!”

Siddel Ramkissoon - Stories from the life of a Caribbean Youth Advocate

by Siddel Ramkisson, CREN Guest Contributor

Editor's note: Siddel Ramkissoon is one of this year’s recipients of the Queen's Young Leaders Award. He is committed to empowering young persons, encouraging youth engagement and involvement and enriching his nation of Trinidad and Tobago. In honour of International Youth Day 2017 (August 12th), we asked Siddel to share with us his motivations and challenges in being a youth advocate in the Caribbean. We here at the CREN are honoured to share his story with you.

The importance of speech and language development in a child's early years

by the Speech Language and Audiology Association of Trinidad and Tobago

What are speech and language?

Speech and language are tools that humans use to communicate or share thoughts, ideas and emotions. Language is the set of rules, shared by the individuals who are communicating, that allows them to exchange those thoughts, ideas or emotions. Speech involves speaking - one way that a language can be expressed. Language may also be expressed through writing, signing, or even gestures in the case of people who have neurological disorders and may depend upon eye blinks or mouth movements to communicate.

‘Enhancing Children’s Engagement in Social and Cognitive Activities’ – Interview with Professor Jaipaul Roopnarine, Professor James Johnson and Professor Michael Patte

by Dr. Lenisa Joseph, CREN Guest Contributor

Editor's note: The University of the West Indies Family Development Centre, presented the symposium ‘Enhancing Children’s Engagement in Social and Cognitive Activities’ in March 2017.  Professor Jaipaul Roopnarine, Professor James Johnson and Professor Michael Patte, renowned authors on Play and Early Childhood, engaged participants on the following topics: play in attaining social skills and nation building in young children and implementation strategies for teachers and parents to effect quality learning through play and loose parts. Dr. Lenisa Joseph, Visiting Professor of Early Childhood and Special Education at Duquesne University, was invited to attend the symposium.  She later engaged the presenters while sharing a meal. She shares her gleanings in this article.

Tune in to The UWI Family Development Centre's Radio Series!

Tune in to The UWI Family Development Centre's Radio Series!
Dear readers, we have exciting news! You can listen out for The UWI Family Development Centre's Radio Series on Parenting and Child Development during the months of May and June! Every week we present a new issue with useful tips and strategies for parents, educators and caregivers. Topics include: Parenting and child abuse, strategies for positive discipline and guidance, child care and safety in and around the home and so much more!

The power and impact of social media

By Caron Asgarali, the Victim Support Foundation

Do we cross the proverbial white line between positive and negative when social media intersects with trauma?

Over the last twelve years, Trinidad and Tobago recorded murder rates in excess of three hundred (300) annually (Seepersad, 2016). During the last two (2) months, January to February of 2017, the country has experienced unprecedented levels of different forms of violence. Individuals, families and communities have felt pain and fear and experienced losses that have touched many.