Investing in our Caribbean youth – Interview with Tevin Shepherd, Youth Development Specialist

"The opportunity is ours to be the architects of our nation’s wealth - not wealth through money, but through the prosperity of a people." 
Tevin Shepherd, 2016

In honour of International Youth Day, we continue to highlight the work of outstanding young persons from across the Caribbean who have been positively impacting their communities. CREN Team member Hannah Enightoola recently had the opportunity to chat with Tevin Shepherd, a 23 year old Youth Development Specialist from St. Lucia. He shared his motivations, struggles and successes in executing youth development programmes across his island. Mr. Shepherd was a Commonwealth finalist and received the prestigious Queen’s Young Leaders Award in June 2016. He is also a Chevening Scholar and will pursue a Master of Arts in International Social Development in the UK from September 2016.

Expression through art - Interview with Chioma Emesiani

by Hannah Enightoola, the CREN Team

The University of the West Indies Family Development Centre prides itself in having been the facilitator of the creation of the largest painting created by children in the Caribbean. The painting, entitled “Hope,” measures ten (10) feet in width and twenty-four (24) feet in height. Through the creation process the twenty-two (22) children involved in the ten (10) week internship were given an opportunity to express themselves and use their individual voices in sync within a theme. They learned new skills and concepts and expressed themselves in a way which would resound with the centre and with themselves throughout their lives.

YOUth-In-Action – Taking hold of our future

By Teocah Dove, Recipient of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award 2015

During our childhood years, we gain interest in and are drawn towards specific careers. Many aspire to be lawyers, doctors, teachers, servicemen, and so forth. This desire comes from set examples, varying forms of media, coaching by family members or role models and, most importantly, our own experiences. 

Nelson Mandela Day 2016

Today, Monday 18th July, we join with the international community in observing Nelson Mandela International Day. The day was launched in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18th July, 2009 via unanimous decision of the UN General Assembly. It was inspired by a call Nelson Mandela made a year earlier, for the next generation to take on the burden of leadership in addressing the world’s social injustices when he said that “it is in your hands now” (Nelson Mandela, 2008).

My experience as a youth advocate in the Bahamas

by Nevar Smith, Commonwealth Youth Award Finalist for 2015

I currently live in the island of Grand Bahama, which is the second most populated island in the archipelagic nation known as the Bahamas.  Before entering high school I had already developed a strong sense of duty to my community and country. I gained great knowledge and inspiration from a few of my relatives, particularly my aunt who served her country as a senator and diplomat in the past. Framed by these examples, I desired to see a change in my community and country and I developed a passion to be that positive change.