Happy new year from the CREN Team!

Dear members of the CREN community,

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. Thank you for your support, creativity and commitment as we continue to work towards our goals of advocating for the rights of children, solution building and knowledge generation within the Caribbean region and the wider international community.

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As we enter 2016 with greater insight and a renewed commitment to our respective roles as professionals in the fields of child care and development, let us make an effort to:

• Be better at our work – to think creatively, efficiently and pro-actively to accomplish our set goals.

• Be assets in our community – by contributing our time and effort to make our communities safe and empowering.

• Be better stewards of our planet – in how we recycle, minimize our impacts, and how we appreciate the natural beauty around us.

• Be better in our relationships out of the office – in how we communicate, encourage and support others.

• Be kinder to ourselves – in our self-talk, in our personal expectations and in our commitment to being all that we can be.

Let us commit to growing every day - to learn more, to be more responsive to the relevant issues in our communities, to be aware and to offer our skills, creativity and support as needed.

Thank you for your loyalty and enthusiasm. We look forward to building a productive and prosperous new year with you!

The CREN Team

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