Advocacy Works! Spotlight - Cause An Effect

Cause An Effect is a for-purpose, cause-related media and content creation company whose work revolves around two main values – Respect and Inclusion. The organisation was launched and registered in the second quarter of 2013 by Francis Escayg and his wife Laura Pierre-Escayg. It is our pleasure to share the story of Cause An Effect as told by its co-founder, Francis Escayg in this month’s Advocacy Works! Spotlight.

Advocacy Works! Spotlight - Anansesem


Anansesem Caribbean Children’s Literature Ezine (online magazine) was founded in 2010 by  Ms. Summer Edward. It is a community-driven digital forum in which Caribbean children’s literature can be discussed, dissected and celebrated. It started off as the passion project of our founder and blossomed into a team effort. 


In addition to discovering and nurturing new children’s writers and illustrators, we provide an outlet for the non-commercial work of established children’s book creators. We have published a range of children’s and young adult (YA) writers and illustrators with a strong emphasis on marginalized voices, experimental writing, and works by important but often overlooked Caribbean writers who write for young audiences. We’ve bypassed the commercial magazine system insuring that our ezine remains community-driven rather than profit-driven.

Advocacy Works! Spotlight - The Bedtime Stories Initiative

The Bedtime Stories Initiative


The Bedtime Stories Initiative was founded in 2014 by Dr. Srikanth Rao Adidam Venkata. It all started during his rotations in Paediatrics as an intern in the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Centre (EWMSC). He noticed that the children on the wards seemed bored and missed the social activity they had in their classrooms or with their family. This inspired him to work towards making the ward more fun and less traumatizing to children. Thus, the Bedtime Stories Initiative was born. It is a charitable organisation under the umbrella of another one of his founding groups, the Art Society of Mt. Hope. This partnership has enabled the Bedtime Stories Initiative to grow significantly and become one of the well supported charities in the EWMSC and the Faculty of Medical Sciences. 

Advocacy Works! - St. Dominic's Children Home

St. Dominic's Children Home


In 1871 Fr. Mariano Forestier, a Dominican priest, founded the St. Dominic's Children's Home (SDCH/the Home) - known then as the Belmont Orphanage, to care for the many poor, homeless children wandering on the streets of the city of Port of Spain.  Historically, this wave of ‘street-children’ was a direct result of the harsh economic and social impact of emancipation and indentureship on the families of the people who were brought to Trinidad.  Mr. L.A. Le Roy, a benefactor, bought the property on which the Home stands and gave it to Fr. Forestier to carry out his mission.

Advocacy Works! Spotlight - The University of the West Indies-Family Development Centre

The University of the West Indies-Family Development Centre


On Friday 16th September 1988 the University of the West Indies’ Faculty of Education opened its Laboratory Pre-school – the first University Laboratory Pre-school in the region. From 1988 to 2000, the Centre grew as global theories and international standards evolved. An eclectic curriculum, drawing principles from Reggio Emilia schools, HighScope and Montessori programmes and Howard Gardner’s philosophy of Multiple Intelligences: How Children Learn, distinguished this pioneering centre.

advocacy img01The UWI-Family Development Centre