Dr Logie

Dr. Carol Logie

Administrative Director of The University of the West Indies-Family Development and Children’s Research Centre, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities and Education at The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr. Carol Logie is the Director of The University of the West Indies Family Development and Children’s Research Centre and a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities and Education, Trinidad and Tobago. She is the former Chair of the Foundation for the Development of Caribbean Children with its Headquarters’ located in St. Lucia. Dr. Logie is a Cabinet appointed member of the National Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development. She chaired the National Council for Early Childhood Care and Education in Trinidad and Tobago for a seven (7) year period.  She is an advocate for children and families, and has been instrumental in guiding the development of early childhood curricula in Trinidad and Tobago and across the Caribbean. Dr. Logie was awarded The UWI Vice Chancellor’s award in 2013 for excellence and public service.
Her global perspective has also been sought after and she represents Trinidad and Tobago on the Organizing Committee of the World Forum for Early Care and Education. She has worked with the Inter-American Development Bank, The World Bank, UNICEF, and The Bernard van Leer Foundation to create policies for Early Childhood programs in the Caribbean. Her work as a consultant on policy development, research and teacher training, has led to some interesting assignments in Nigeria, Spain, China, Malaysia and the Caribbean. She is a member of the International Leadership Research Consortium in Finland.

Research Interests
Dr. Logie guides the international research at The UWI-Family Development Centre where she presently leads a team on: A comparative study of Leadership and Practice among Early Childhood Practitioners in the Caribbean region. Her most recent publication (2013) shares an insightful examination of: “Issues and Perspectives in Early Childhood Development and Education in Caribbean Countries”. Dr. Logie continues to publish articles on policy issues in small island states, curriculum development and research in early childhood education.

Contact Information
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