The Caribbean Research Empowerment Network (CREN) is an initiative of the University of the West Indies-Family Development Centre (UWI-FDC) and is the region’s first virtual community to offer:

  • Caribbean-specific content on child and family issues
  • Forum for social and professional interaction on current educational and research developments

The CREN focuses on knowledge-generation, solution building and advocacy within the Caribbean context by mobilising educators, parents and other professionals. The CREN is the first to provide a platform for the articulation of child and family issues central to the Caribbean.
This interactive research, advocacy and networking website utilises technology to bridge the geographical barriers across the islands of the Caribbean region, creating a virtual space in which ideas, proposals and experiments emerge. The CREN also offers longitudinal research potential as educators from any part of the Caribbean can execute action research plans on students within their own classrooms in collaboration with others from the region.

Research interests
Our research interests encompass child development and family relationships in the Caribbean setting. Our contributors and members span a variety of disciplines including Early Childhood, Primary level, Secondary level and Tertiary level educators, Psychologists, Social workers and Medical practitioners.